How to get shutterstock images without watermark

Many of us need images shutterstock used in the designs or content of the Declaration but as it seems while there is a deal between shutterstock and Facebook to use free images for advertisers on Facebook at the size of 1000 pixels, but most sites that attract photos from Facebook come Facebook links We will explain how to bring the shutterstock images without a high quality watermark، In a blog here you can get shutterstock images without watermar
Click on the image to view it in original size

get shutterstock images without watermark

The first way to get a photo shutterstock

First create an ad on Facebook
Then select video views

to be contine
Then select slideshow

Add a few photos
Search for photos in shutterstock through a search engine
Select the images to download
You will see the photos you searched for in stock images
Add them
insepct element  Right click on the image and then select

Select an HTML section
Choose an HTML section and make a copy In the text file

You are shown a similar code with a link
<img src=";;_nc_hash=AQBnbg6kANU8K1V5" width="128.2051282051282" height="100" alt="" class="img" style="position: absolute; left: -13.6752px; top: 0px;">
Extract link Delete the blue part and keep the red;;_nc_hash=AQBnbg6kANU8K1V5
Log in togglecase url decode

Then, convert the link link to appear correctly
 The result is high quality image extraction "shutterstock_562748479

Method 2

Open the link below

The first method is weighted in case the sites that pull the images stop.


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